If your Santa Fe area property has radiant floor heating and was built, added on to, or remodeled from 1989-1994, there is a very high probability that Entran II was installed in your floors. This product was discontinued in 1994 because of the high rate of premature failure. It was manufactured by Goodyear Tire & Rubber for Heatway Systems. Heatway filed for bankruptcy, but Goodyear has been involved in numerous class-action lawsuits. The United States District Court in New Jersey has granted approval of a $240,000,000 settlement to be paid by Goodyear and its insurance carriers, to compensate property owners that have Entran II installed in their buildings.

Hubbell Electro-Mechanical is active in Entran II remediation. Please view this site for information regarding Entran II. If you want additional information or a proposal on Entran II remediation please go to “Contact Us” or call us at 471-4221 (out of town 1-800-658-5939). 

In order to collect your fair share of the settlement you must register withwww.entraniisettlement.com or contact the Entran II claims administrator at 1-800-254-9222.